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Best Selling Secrets

Episodic Screen Captures

Episode 001: The Lucky One 福星高照
Episode 002: Case Of The Lost Cell Phone 手機失竊事件
Episode 003: The Company's Spy 公司無間道
Episode 004: Unrevealed Side 真人不露相
Episode 006: Unbelievable Deal 蛤乸隨街跳
Episode 007: Setup Within A Setup 計中計
Episode 008: Present Day Wong Fa 明日黃花
Episode 009: Money Saver 慳妹宅急便
Episode 010: Battle Between In-Laws 婆媳鬥一番
Episode 011: Wong Fa Catches Ah Sim 黃花捕嬋
Episode 014: Grandma's Jinx 阿嫲的剋星
Episode 020: The Embarassed Jit 阿哲做架兩
Episode 027: Hard To Deal With Grandma 惡搞阿嫲
Episode 028: The Super Follower 超級擦鞋王
Episode 029: Grandma's Suspected Illness 阿嫲病驚魂
Episode 032: Master Ng And The Dog 掌門與狗
Episode 033: The Pain Of Ah Cheung 阿昌之苦
Episode 035: Doraemon's Ending Part II 叮噹的結局(下)
Episode 036: Ah Sim's Cheesecake 嬋嬸的芝士餅
Episode 053: He Is My Son 佢係我個仔
Episode 054: My Mom Is My Boss 我阿媽係波士
Episode 055: Be Friends With Her 跟佢做個Friend
Episode 056: The Fallen Princess 落難公主
Episode 064: Battle Between In-Laws: Round Two 婆媳鬥一番:第二回
Episode 067: Exchange One Son For Another 一子去一子還
Episode 068: The Fallen Prince 落難太子
Episode 069: Return Of The Prince 太子回朝
Episode 070: Inseparable Sisters 打死不離親姊妹
Episode 072: Battle Between In-Laws: Round Three 婆媳鬥一番:第三回
Episode 087: Who Is His Partner 誰是舞伴
Episode 089: Best Daughter In-Law 最佳新抱仔
Episode 099: Quarrels Between The Couple 男‧女‧男‧嬲
Episode 108: The Mysterious Hero 俠影迷蹤
Episode 109: Learn To Appreciate 身在福中
Episode 120: Getting Hired 因禍得工
Episode 112: Happy Breakup 分手快樂
Episode 116: Fierce Nam 惡嵐
Episode 118: Jit's Decision 陸哲的抉擇
Episode 122: Face Off Against Philip 決戰二世祖
Episode 140: Full Moon Union 人月倆團圓
Episode 142: The Representation Of Power 掌門人的無極枴
Episode 143: The Office Twins 辦公室‧雙妹嘜
Episode 144: Sum's Fear 參之驚魂
Episode 146: The Casual Wear Competition 便服鬥一番
Episode 148: Helping Out Philip 救救二世祖
Episode 151: Burglar And Superman 女賊與超人
Episode 152: Stealing In The Company 閉門失竊
Episode 157: Effects of Rumor Spreading 難為傳言定分界
Episode 160: The Unspoken Secret 不能說的秘密
Episode 161: Only One Can Live 兩個只能活一個
Episode 162: Can't Lose Either One 一個都不能少
Episode 164: Son Against Mother 母子愛作戰
Episode 168: Distinguishing Between Real And Fraud 難分真與假
Episode 171: It's All Yung's Fault 都是勇的錯
Episode 172: To Trust Or Not To Trust 信‧不信由你
Episode 183: Falling In Love With Master Ng 戀上伍師傅
Episode 187: Hard To Love 相愛很難
Episode 188: Jit Versus Philip 陸哲與二世祖
Episode 210: The Letter Never Received 收不到的信
Episode 212: The Tale Of Baby Bear BB熊勿語
Episode 214: A Hard Job For Bro 細佬難為
Episode 221: The Nice Side of Lap 立的善良一面
Episode 224: Queenie's Counterattack 君之反擊
Episode 236: New Year Meal 團年飯
Episode 240: The Position Part I 最佳位置 I
Episode 241: The Position Part II 最佳位置 II
Episode 247: Who Is Kin's Most Loved 最愛是誰
Episode 249: Ka Nam's Birthday 家嵐的生日
Episode 250: Vincent's Most Loved One 一生中最愛
Episode 252: My Girlfriend Is Wong Ka Nam 我的女友黃家嵐
Episode 256: Give Me A Kiss 給我一個吻
Episode 257: Ka Nam's Wish 家嵐的願望
Episode 258: How To Say Goodbye 如何說再見
Episode 265: Ka Nam's Reply 家嵐的回「信」
Episode 272: Hang's Brother 伍公斤
Episode 273: Always By Your Side 常伴你左右
Episode 297: Lovers At Long Last 真的戀愛了
Episode 345: Sparks Fly From The Kiss 啜出愛火花
Episode 357: Ming's Trouble 英明有難

Translated Summaries

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Episode 265: Here
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Episode 361: Here
Episode 364 [Finale] : Here

Magazine Scans

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Episode 242-246: Here
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Radio Interview

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Off-Screen Gatherings

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