Saturday, August 2, 2008

Best Selling Secrets Epi 361 Summary

同事三分親‧第361集 ‧魔女之條件
Best Selling Secrets - Episode 361 - Queenie's Conditions

言氏會議室喜氣洋洋,原來為信在荷蘭順利完成工作外,更成功與當地政府洽商新計劃令言氏獲利。當英明準備好大肆慶祝之際, 為信的助理竟向眾人說出為信並沒有回港。為信藉視像向眾人解釋,原來在上機前,他收到了家嵐的電話;家嵐說她在意大利小鎮中看見一所教堂,更說想與為信在 那裡結婚。因此為信決定放下 CEO 的職務,直接飛往意大利迎娶家嵐。

Yin's conference room is enlightened with happy atmosphere, it's because Vincent managed to negotiate a new partnership with the Holland government. Just when Ming prepares to celebrate this occasion, Vincent assistant tells everyone that Vincent did not return to Hong Kong. Vincent explains the whole situation in a webcam conversation. Vincent received a phone call from Ka Nam before boarding the plane, Ka Nam told Vincent about a church in a small town in Italy. Ka Nam tells Vincent she wants to get married there, thus Vincent put aside his CEO duties and flew over for the wedding right away.

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Posted on 08/02/08