Saturday, March 29, 2008

Esther @ BSS Epi 273 Preview + Summary

Credit Esther Kwan's Realm if repost SCAN.


同事三分親 273 - 常伴你左右
Best Selling Secrets Episode 273- Always By Your Side

Ming (Chan Hung Lit) angered two of Yin's business partners while having lunch with Chang (Lau Kong). The next day Chang told Vincent (Geoffrey Wong Chi-Hung) that those two business partners plan to sell their shares of Yin's, but refused to sell them to Ming. Vincent tells Chang that recent rumors suspect Kam (Law Lok Lam), Ming's biggest rival, has interest in purchasing large shares of Yin's. During the meeting Ming asked Vincent which projects he plans to announce at Yin's press conference, Vincent said the main focus would be the environmental friendly "Flame Wheel". Ming disaprove the idea, he wants Vincent to focus on going against Kam's projects. Vincent receives a call from well known businessman Mr. Yee, Mr.Yee expresses interest in the "Flame Wheel". Vincent regains his confidence and believes that his decision is the right one. However, shortly before the press con, Mr. Yee tells Vincent that he will sell his whole comapny to Kam. Ming calls a meeting the day after, Ming wants to reorganize the entire company. His plan is to sell Xing and the "Flame Wheel" company, Vincent is angry at Ming for making such a decision. Vincent hopes that talking with Diana (Alvina Kong Yan-Yin) and Philip (Lawrence Yan Chi-Keung) would make him better, but both failed to understand him. This makes Vincent miss Ka Nam (Esther Kwan Wing-Ho) even more. Vincent decides to send her an email. At this time, Chun (Tsui Wing) delievers something to Vincent from Ka Nam...

Anime: I was so excited when a saw Esther's name credited in the cast list down at the bottom...does this mean that we're going to see Esther in this episode? Kind of worried though because in one of the captions it said "Vincent and Ming finally settled their disagreement with Nam's help from afar". Hope it's not only Ka Nam's name that gets mentioned...keeping my fingers crossed here :)

Posted on 03/29/08