Saturday, July 12, 2008

Esther @ Best Selling Secrets Episode 345 Caps

Brief mentioning of Ka Nam in episode 345 of Best Selling Secrets when Dai Kam hired private detectives to investigate Hang's family background.

*I must thank my friend Jin from HK for collecting most of the BSS caps for me all this way. Couldn't have had the time to manage all the my blogs without your help :)

**By the way fans of BSS, HERE is the cast list for the filming of the finale, but Esther's name isn't on the list...I don't know what to say :(

***However, MingPao reported that Geoffrey and Vin recently filmed BSS @ HK airport, could this mean something? I sure hope there is a surprise, or at least mention Ka Nam's name in the upcoming episodes ^_^

Posted on 07/12/08