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Enter...Esther Kwan's Realm

Esther Kwan's Realm is a blog created by Anime Master 179002 on May 17, 2007. Anime has always been a fan of Esther ever since watching her in 1997's Lady Flower Fist. Even though Anime's passion for Esther subsided a bit during the years Esther worked outside of TVB, Anime has always paid close attention to Esther's news and other Esther related stuff. After watching her in TVB's newest sitcom Best Selling Secrets, Esther once again became Anime's top favourite. One day Anime had a sudden urge to start a blog for Esther. After considering for only thirty seconds, Anime decided to open an Esther related blog - Esther Kwan's Realm.

The Blogmaster

Anime Master 179002 is a dedicated TVB fan living in Canada. In early years Anime is frequently seen at the Winglin Discussion Forums. During the Winglin days, Anime also wrote several fanfictions. Upon completing Armed Reaction V and Virtues of Harmony III - Continuation of Chris and Joey, Anime wandered around different Asian discussion forums for a while, until AsianFanatics was found. All the various posts regarding different TVB series at AF inspired her to start TVB Index. Two months after the birth of TVB Index, Esther Kwan's Realm and ATV Index were also created. ATV Index was eventually deleted because Anime wanted to focus more on the other two blogs. Anime Master also created two documentary blogs, Yoyo Mung's Ambiance and My Date With A Vampire - Forever Legend. And this is where Anime is today, busily managing EKR and TVB Index while struggling to seek a balance with school work as well.

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Esther Kwan's Realm: Evolution

Below are previous layouts of EK's Realm.

MAY-AUGUST 2007: Version 1.0

SEPTEMBER-NOVEMBER 2007: Version 2.0

DECEMBER 2007 - FEBRUARY 2008: Version 3.0

FEBRUARY - MARCH 2008: Version 3.1

APRIL, JUNE 2008: Version 3.2

MAY 2008: Version 3.3

JULY 2008: VERSION 4.0


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