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Esther @ Best Selling Secrets Epi 251-255 Summaries

Next week of Best Selling Secrets continues on with Ka Nam + Vincent's relationship (with the exception of Monday's episode). Nevertheless, our Esther will appear all of next week :)
I can't imagine what BSS will turn into once Ka Nam leaves


同事三分親 251 - 美女學神
Best Selling Secrets Episode 251 - Junior Driver
(Esther not the main focus)

同事三分親 252 - 我的女友黃家嵐
Best Selling Secrets Episode 252 - My Girlfriend is Wong Ka Lam

Phillip (Lawrence Yan Chi-Keung) invites one of his models to film one of Xing's ads, Yung (Stephen Au Kam-Tong) thinks the model has interest in Kau Chun (Tsui Wing). Chun tells Yung that the model was actually interested in Vincent (Geoffrey Wong Chi-Hung). Phillip bought two tickets to a famous pianist's recital for Vincent, he tells Vincent to bring Ka Nam (Esther Kwan Wing-Ho) along. A recent magazine caught Vincent dating a long hair woman, the people of Xing all gather to discuss the identity of this mysterious woman. Vincent is angry at the magazine for reporting the untrue, Nam comforts him. Vincent suggests that they make their relationship public to avoid further rumors. Nam wants everything to be low profile, Vincent respects her decision. Lau Wah (Wong Cho Lam) uses his brilliant computer skills to analysis the identity of the mysterious woman, it was either Nam or the model. Yung and colleagues refuse to believe Nam and Vincent are couples. Phillip appears and makes a bet with Yung, the loser must treat the winner to dinner. Everyone is curious who Vincent will bring to the recital. Yung thinks he will surely win since Chun told him earlier that the model was interested in Vincent. Vincent finds out about the bet, he asks Jit (Vin Choi Kei-Chun) to inform Nam that both the paparazzi and the people from Xing will appear at the recital. Vincent wants to let Nam decide whether she wants to attend or not. On the day of the recital Vincent and the model both appeared, just when Yung thinks he has won, Nam appears and takes Vincent's hand. Vincent officially announce to everyone that Nam is his girlfriend...

同事三分親 253 - 棋局驚魂
Best Selling Secrets Episode 253 - The Intimidating Game

Two shareholders of Yin's Group arrive early to attend a presentation by Nam (Esther Kwan Wing-Ho) and Jit (Vin Choi Kei-Chun). Ying Ming (Chan Hung Lit) orders Chun (Tsui Wing) to prevent Nam and Jit from attending the meeting. Chun manages to prevent Nam from attending the presentation, but Nam and Jit bumps into Ming and the two shareholders in the elevator. The shareholders makes fun of Ming, Nam and Jit during the elevator ride, making all three of them embarrassed. Vincent (Geoffrey Wong Chi-Hung) asks why Nam didn't attend the meeting, Chun tells Vincent it's all Ming's order. It turns out that Ming had made fun of the shareholders' daughter-in-laws before, Ming knows the shareholders seek revenge and purposely arrange for Nam and Jit's absence. Ming later had a Chinese chess game with two men at the park, the men managed to lure Ming back to their house. The men were actually kidnappers, they called Vincent but Nam picked up the phone. The kidnappers wanted two million dollars, Nam asks the kidnappers not to hurt Ming. Nam, Vincent, and Pun (Timothy Cheng Tse-Sing) decide to call the police after discussing, Nam brought the money to the kidnappers and request that they take her hostage instead...

同事三分親 254 - 倒立行動
Best Selling Secrets Episode 254 - The Anti-Lap Action

Ming (Chan Hung Lit) got sent to the hospital. When he woke up he immediately asked Vincent (Geoffrey Wong Chi-Hung) how Nam (Esther Kwan Wing-Ho) was. Vincent tells his dad that Nam only had a scratch. Ming blames Vincent for putting Nam is such danger. Nam tells Ming that she knows he has high blood pressure and doesn't want him to worry about his two sons, so she chose to come instead. Ming is grateful to Nam and asks Vincent to take good care of Nam. Vincent tells Nam that Pun (Timothy Cheng Tse-Sing) suggests that Ming undergo an artery bypass surgery, he hopes Nam can convince Ming. On the other hand, Ming asks his Feng-Shui friend Tin (Yu Tse-Ming) about Nam and Vincent, he learns from Tin that although the two are perfectly meant for each other, their relationship will end if they don't get married by this year. Ming insists that the two get married before he have his surgery. Reporters asks Ming about the rumored marriage, Ming tells them that he already prepared a mansion for Vincent and Nam. A magazine dug up all they can regarding Nam's past, about how she's a widow and has a eighteen year old son. Nam tries to act like she doesn't care about recent reports, but deep inside she cares about it very much. Diana (Alvina Kong Yan-Yin) dislike the fact that Nam gets all the attention lately and is quite upset. Lap (Samson Yeung Ying-Wai) prepares for a charitable gala, Diana finds out that the treasures Lap rented were all fake, she asks Chun (Tsui Wing) not to tell Lap the truth, she wants to use this opportunity to kick Lap out of the company...

同事三分親 255 - 國舅行動
Best Selling Secrets Episode 255 - The Saving Lap Action

Vincent (Geoffrey Wong Chi-Hung) finds out that the treasures Lap (Samson Yeung Ying-Wai) rented were fake. Vincent used five million US dollars to rent the real treasures and cover up for Lap. Lap continuously thank Vincent after the incident, however, in the washroom Lap use to tone of a brother-in-law to criticize him. Vincent gets angry and tells Lap to work harder and do what he's suppose to do. Diana (Alvina Kong Yan-Yin) asks Vincent why he helped Lap, Vincent tells Diana it's all because of Nam (Esther Kwan Wing-Ho). Diana blames Ka Nam for turning Vincent into a foolish CEO. Vincent invites Nam out for a movie, but Diana goes to find Nam just when Nam was about to leave. Diana tells Nam all about the incident. Vincent has made all kinds of changes because of Nam, he has lost the "true" Vincent. Nam was surrounded by reporters upon leaving the company, she hurt her leg and asked Jit (Vin Choi Kei-Chun) to cancel her date with Vincent. The next day, one of the reporters Nam used to work with was blocked by the security guards, it turns out to be Vincent's order. Nam is upset and angry with Vincent, she's afraid that Vincent will lose his true self and sense of judgment if this continues...

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