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Esther @ Best Selling Secrets Episode 241 Caps



Presenting 24 screen caps from episode 241 feat. Esther, plus an additional 12 caps featuring Sunny, available @ TVB Index.

Esther @ episode 241 of Best Selling Secrets. Ka Nam finally realizes her hidden feelings for Vincent, Doctor Chan (Sunny Chan) lead her to discover the feelings she herself could not confront. Ka Nam finally realized how important Vincent is in her heart.

Many lines I loved and translated from this episode:

●Vincent (Geoffrey) versus Ka Nam (Esther) ●

Vincent: I've never been your first priority. Ah Fa, we've known each other for nineteen years, I've always been there for you whenever you needed me. How about you? I really wonder how important I am to you...

Ka Nam: How important is he to me? This is one question I can't even answer myself...
●Dr. Chan (Sunny) versus Ka Nam (Esther) ●

Dr. Chan: Wong Ka Nam, a person's powers are limited. There are some things, even if you can predict the results, the history will still remain unchanged. You can only change the attitude you use to approach this matter.

Ka Nam: No matter which way I use to recall the past, the results are still the same. It is because I was too ignorant. If it wasn't me, Ah Kin would not have taken that plane. The accident would not have occurred. It is because I was too ignorant, I left my husband and son. Ah Kin...

Dr. Chan: Have you heard of this saying before? Losing our loved one teach us a lesson on how to love, so we can love the proper way in the future. One should not punish oneself by restrictedly binding oneself with past memories.

Ka Nam: My friend told me, as long as I can remember my loved one, it will be worth it no matter what.

Dr. Chan: You're friend must share the same memories as you. Is it the guy we met in the elevator...Vincent?

Ka Nam: Yes.

Dr. Chan: How long have you known each other?

Ka Nam: Nineteen years. He and Ah Kin were the best of friends. He has always been on our side. After Ah Kin passed away, he remained my good friend.

Dr. Chan: After all these years, he has never left your side? It is this person, who continuously endorse you, helping you continuously to recall memories that should have been long left behind. He used the wrong way to love you.

Ka Nam: We're just friends.

Dr. Chan: I am too late. It's not that you can't let anyone in your heart, it's because he is already in your heart.

Ka Nam: What do you want to say?

Dr. Chan: Your conscience is actually aware. That day you refused to draw that picture. You know the feelings exist. You're just scared, scared to reveal the truth you dare not face. I wasn't too sure at first, but seeing how you reacted in the elevator, along with your body language...I'm sure that he has a special place in your heart.

Ka Nam: I haven't accepted him.

Dr. Chan: He must have at one point confessed to you, but you rejected him without thinking. You gave me the chance hold your hand, I don't think he is as lucky as me.

Ka Nam: I didn't let you hold my hand, you grabbed it.

Dr. Chan: No, it is because I mean nothing in your heart. You didn't mind me. In contrast, he has a very very special place in your heart. Every time you face him, you're all geared up and protected. You're scared that you will surrender to him.

Ka Nam listened silently.

Dr. Chan: Try to open the window in your heart, I promise you will find him in there.

Ka Nam thinks back to all the past times Vincent has been there for her.

Dr. Chan: You're so cautious, because you're scared that he will leave you like your husband.

Ka Nam: I don't believe...

Dr. Chan: Let me finish. Do you know how to swim? You should know that struggling will do you no good; don't escape. So take it easy, you won't drown. When you're actually swimming, you will know the direction you want to head and discover the path you truly desire.

My all time favorite quote from the entire passage:

"Losing our loved one teach us a lesson on how to love, so we can love the proper way in the future. One should not punish oneself by restrictedly binding oneself with past memories."

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