Monday, August 4, 2008

Best Selling Secrets Epi 364 Summary

同事三分親 大結局‧第364集 ‧開花結果
Best Selling Secrets Finale - Epi 364 - The Happy Ending

Time passed by fast, it has been two years since Jit (Vin Choi Kei-Chun) left Hong Kong. Today is a special day, most past and present Xing colleagues all gather at Yin's canteen. Jit realizes that even though everyone has changed quite a bit, their friendship remains the same. Vincent (Geoffrey Wong Chi-Hung) brings everyone happy news, Ka Nam (Esther Kwan Wing-Ho) is pregnant.

Pun (Timothy Cheng Chi-Shing) originally planned to negotiate a collaboration with a world class enterprise, but discovered that Joe & Jim, which recently had been accquired by Dai Kam (Lo Lok Lam), is already in negotiation with the enterprise. Even though Kam blocked out all of the information regarding this collaboration, Diana (Elvina Kong Yan-Yin) still tries her best to find out more about the enterprise, if hopes to defeat Kam. Diana found out that the project controller is an asian named Tony Ko. While Diana arrives at a hotel to purchase the controller's favorite egg tarts she discovered that the controller himself is residing in that very hotel. It's revealed that the CEO, Tony Ko, is in fact Kau Chun (Tsui Wing). More good news arrive just when everyone celebrates Kau Chun's success, the enterprise's chairman plans to give away his whole business to Kau Chun. In the press conference annocing the hotel's partnership with Yin's, Chi Cheung (Lau Kong) tells Diana that before the conference ended, Kau Chun had asked him for his consent in proposing to her. Kau Chun finally met Cheung's expectations, gaining Cheung's long awaited permit. Blessed by family and friends, Diana and Kau Chun enter another phase in their lives - marriage.

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