Saturday, March 8, 2008

Esther @ Best Selling Secrets Epi 257-258 Summaries

同事三分親 256 - 給我一個吻
Best Selling Secrets Episode 256- Give Me A Kiss
(Not translating)

同事三分親 257 - 家嵐的願望

Best Selling Secrets Episode 257 - Ka Nam's Wish

Ka Nam (Esther Kwan Wing-Ho) sent Vincent (Geoffrey Wong Chi-Hung) an email before her departure, this made Vincent extremely worried. Ming (Chan Hung Lit) scolds Vincent for being too emotional. Diana (Alvina Kong Yan-Yin) tells Vincent that she worries about his relationship with Nam, this worries Vincent even more. Nam finally returns from America, the two planned to meet at the company's cafeteria. Vincent arrives at the cafe, but went to the wrong meeting location. Nam sent Vincent another email, telling Vincent to read it before they arrange to meet again. Nam and Hang (Elaine Jin Yan-Ling) have a talk, Nam tells Hang that she and Vincent cannot defeat "fate". Hang comforts Nam, telling her not to give up so easily since the two have been through too much to be together. Nam reveals to Hang that reason why she went to America, she received a letter from rock climbing experts, they found Kin's relics - a diary. Nam showed Hang the diary, the two embraced and cried. Nam found out that Kin planned to travel around America with her upon his arrival at America. Nam wants to finish Kin's last wish. Vincent read Nam's email, Nam hope that Vincent can support her. Vincent finally meets up with Nam, as much as he wants Nam to stay, he still respects Nam's decision. Vincent hopes that Nam leave as "Wong Fa" and return as "Wong Ka Nam". He hopes her heart will finally be his when she returns...

同事三分親 258 - 如何說再見
Best Selling Secrets Episode 258 - How To Say Goodbye (Esther's last episode)

Philip (Lawrence Yan Chi-Keung) and Carrie (Sharon Luk Sze-Wan) had an argument, they decided to postpone their wedding. Philip envies Vincent (Geoffrey Wong Chi-Hung) for having such an understanding girlfriend. Vincent goes to find Carrie, but Carrie refuse to change her decision. Everyone from Xing finds out that Nam (Esther Kwan Wing-Ho) resigned and were all extremely sad. They hope Nam can go on leave without pay, but Nam wants to be totally carefree and enjoy herself. Nam reveals that Vincent will not accompany her, everyone is shocked. Time for Nam's departure is getting near, she gives Jit (Vin Choi Kei-Chun), Hang (Elaine Jin Yan-Ling), Wah (Wong Cho Lam) each a present, everyone is sad. Even though Jit and Hang know Nam's trip is for Kin, they still wished Nam would stay. They know they'll miss Nam very much. Philip and Vincent arrives at a church and talked, Philip finds out about Vincent and Nam. Philip urges Vincent to go stop Nam from leaving before it's too late. At the airport, everyone bids farewell to Nam. Nam walked in the restricted area and prepared to aboard, she starts to listen to the mp3 Vincent asked Chun (Tsui Wing) to give her. At this time, Vincent finally arrives at the airport...

同事三分親 259 - 與嵐同在
Best Selling Secrets Episode 259 - Together With Nam (Only mentioned Nam's name)
(Not translating)

Anime Master 179002: Episode 258 (March 12, 2008) is Esther's last appearance. Sighs, how ironic, exactly one year ago (March 12, 2007) was the premiere of BSS and the return of Esther. Wong Ka Nam has been with us for exactly one year, I will miss her. Is this really the end for Ka Nam & Vincent? This is the "satisfactory" ending Esther said scriptwriters prepared for us? I sure hope Esther can return for the last few episodes of BSS...

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