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Best Selling Secrets Episode 210 Summary

Featuring Esther and Geoffrey...
同事三分親‧第210集 - 收不到的信
家嵐得悉一套經典電影重映,和哲談起當年與其父的往事,指其父誓不肯看該電影,反而為信卻感興趣. 嵐想起她在日本公幹期間,有一天接伍恆來電,指哲又痾又嘔,當時令她手足無措,致電為信求助,為信即時帶哲求診.

為信收到嵐從日本寄回來的明信片,而嵐亦邀信食飯答謝他的幫忙,此時嵐看見信的桌上,放著她從日本寄給他的信,遂將信取回,怎料被國立看到,指她擅自偷取文件,表示要報警,為信回來,指信件是他給嵐的. 嵐向信表示,信件是自己在日本一時衝動下寫的,卻感到不是時候給他看,著為信不要追問,為信尊重家嵐的意願,沒有追問信件的內容.

原來這封信的內容是家嵐在為信替她照顧哲後寫的,家嵐表示對為信多年來的照顧,感動不已. 家嵐將信件給伍恆看,著伍恆鬧醒自己,伍恆卻突然痛哭,勸家嵐放低陸堅,珍惜身邊人. 家嵐欲邀為信看電影,卻苦無機會,怎料二人卻在電影院相遇.

Best Selling Secrets 210 - The Letter Never Received

Nam (Esther Kwan Wing-Ho) and Jit (Vin Choi Kei-Chun) talk about Kin, Nam mentioned that both she and Vincent (Geoffrey Wong Chi-Hung) were interested in a movie; unfortunately Kin wasn't interested. Hang (Elaine Jin Yan-Ling) called while Nam was on trip at Japan, telling Nam that Jit is feeling extremely ill. Nam calls Vincent for help. Vincent receives a letter sent from Nam in Japan. Nam invites Vincent out to dinner and sees the letter on Vincent's desk, Nam takes the unopened letter back. Nam was caught by her brother Lap (Samson Yeung Ying-Wai) and accused of stealing from Vincent. Vincent dismissed the issue. At dinner Nam revealed to Vincent that the letter was written when she was extremely emotional, she asked to take back the letter because she felt that it's not yet time for Vincent to read the letter. Vincent respects Nam's decision.

It turns out that the letter was written after Nam asked Vincent to take care of Jit. In the letter Nam told Vincent how grateful and touched she was for all the care Vincent provided her these past years. Nam showed the letter to Hang, hoping that Hang will talk some sense into her. Nam and Hang ended up crying together. Hang remind Nam to cherish those around her. Later Nam wanted to invite Vincent out for movies, but didn't get the chance. However, the two met in the theater...

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