Monday, July 14, 2008

News Buzz: Best Selling Secrets Finale Info


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TVB sitcom Best Selling Secrets will air its last episode on August 7th. Yesterday, the cast gathered at the church to film the ending, where they witnessed the marriage of Elvina Kong Yan-Yin and Tsui Wing. Vin Choi Kei-Chun and Yoyo Chen Chi-Yiu acted as the best man and the maid of honor. Elaine Jin Yan-Ling, Aimee Chan Yan-Mei are amongst the attendants. The sitcom originally starred Esther Kwan Wing-Ho, Elvina Kong and Elaine Jin as the three leads, thus Esther's absence does add slight imperfection to the ending.


Esther's assistant explained that because Esther damaged her tendons, she needs to rest and is unable to join the cast for the finale. Her assistant emphasizes that she is not pregnant, but rather enjoying her holiday with her family.

When asked to comment about the imperfection without Esther, Elvina says, "It's a pity she can't join the finale, but I wouldn't call it an imperfection because the scriptwriters have already arranged her character to marry Geoffrey Wong Chi-Hung's character somewhere else." Elvina did not inform husband Jackson about the kiss with Tsui Wing, claiming that she knows her limits and extent. Elvina loves her role as Diana very much, claiming that she loves the character more than herself, thus she went and made herself an "I Love Diana" cap.

Elaine claims that Esther's departure from the sitcom influenced her a lot because the two had many scenes together. She had hoped that Esther would return, Elaine says "I really don't know why she won't return for the ending, overall it was great working with everybody."

TVB executive Catherine Tsang Lai-Chun was present at the finale filming also, when asked to comment on Francis Ng Chun-Yu's remark about filming TVB series is based on "relationships" with the executives, she replies, "People think too much, it's all about ability. We've used Francis in the past, there is no need to worry much."

Catherine Tsang also announced that all of the BSS cast will return for the new sitcom in September.

* If you ask Anime, I'd say health and family are more important. Esther needs her rest and her fans should understand her. Elaine really needs to get her facts straight. If the scriptwriters really arranged Ka Nam and Vincent to get married, then I guess that counts as the "satisfactory" ending Esther promised in her interview. Even though it is sad that we can't see Ka Nam 's return, I wish Esther all the best with Nick and Brittany.

**New sitcom length rumored to be 260 episodes, not the originally planned 100 episodes. The exact number, we shall see in September.

***Side note, why is Vin and Yoyo the best man and maid of honor? Wouldn't Stephen Au Kam-Tong, Rachel Kan Mo-Wah, or even Diana's competitive sister Florence Kwok Siu-Wan be better candidates?




江 欣燕說:「是有些可惜,但不會不圓滿的,劇情有交代她與黃子雄在外地結婚。」江欣燕指今次與徐榮拍咀戲無通知丈夫,自言好有節制。 江欣燕表示十分捨不得《同事》完結,只因她很愛Diana一角,她更笑說愛Diana多於自己,更製作了一頂印有「I Love Diana」的帽。




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Posted on 07/14/08