Friday, February 29, 2008

News Buzz: Esther Leaves Best Selling Secrets

Yes, it's been confirmed. Esther will indeed be leaving Best Selling Secrets. She has finished filming all of her parts, her last appearance on TV will probably be mid-March. Wong Ka Nam will be leaving for a holiday, and that's how they plan to end it there :( It appears that Esther wants to spend more time with Brittany and want to make preparations for a new baby. Esther and Nick had always wanted another child. Even though the producer promised Best Selling Secrets will still be up to standards and remain "high" quality, we all know this will not be true with Esther's absence...The producer obviously underestimated Esther's influence to BSS. BSS will NEVER be the same without Esther! Nevertheless, I respect Esther's decision and wish her the best. I just hope scriptwriters find a GOOD way to explain Ka Nam's absence and write a REASONABLY SATISFACTORY ending for Ka Nam and Vincent...

Posted on 02/29/08