Monday, June 15, 2009

Nick and Esther: First Kiss

And Anime is back to update more on Esther! As many of you may already know, Nick recently dined with TVB general manager Mr. Chan in the popular talk show Be My Guest. Amongst the "must talk" topics is of course how Nick and Esther get along, and how they became a couple. Nick shares a little secret with Stephen, he speaks about the couple's first kiss in Canada, which started everything. English translation also available below.

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張家輝關詠荷 一吻定情

For those of you who can't read Chinese, I've translated main portions where Nick talks about Esther, translation available below.

For English translation, please click on this image:

Source:MP-WMag / Translation: Anime Master 179002

Posted on 06/15/2009 | Updated on 06/16/2009