Sunday, May 3, 2009

News Buzz: Esther Returns

Hey everybody, those of you who've visited TVB Index may have
noticed my return. Yes, I'm back! And of course I'll be continuing to
update my fellow Esther fans with the latest Esther news =D

First of all, HERE are the pics of Esther and Nick from the HK Film Awards I promised. Esther looks elegant and beautiful as always.

Now, as many of you have heard, yes, Esther will be filming a new 25 episode TVB series with Roger Kwok, Michelle Yim, and Lawrence Ng Wai-Kwok. I heard about this previous "rumor" several days ago, and was just as excited as each one of you! I wanted to wait until it's made official and not give false hope. This morning I went out, got the magazine, and here I am, providing the "proof" =)

This is the long awaited Esther-Roger TVB collaboration, it's been 10+ years since they worked together at TVB.

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張家輝接棒湊女 關詠荷復出過戲癮

New Series Info:
Tentative Title: Five Tastes of Life / 五味人生
Genre: Period Drama / 民初
Producer: Nelson Cheung / 張乾文 (Into Thin Air, Dicey Business)
Esther Kwan Wing-Ho / 關詠荷
Roger Kwok Chun-On / 郭晉安
Michelle Yim Mai Suet / 米 雪
Lawrence Ng Wai-Kwok / 伍衛國
Derek Kwok Jing-Hung / 郭政鴻

Image source: MPWeekly
Posted on 05/03/2009