Wednesday, April 30, 2008

News Buzz: New Plans For Best Selling Secrets


Following the sequel of Heart of Greed where "the same cast reunite for a new story", cast of TVB's sitcom Best Selling Secrets will appear in a new sitcom in September. Sources report that Best Selling Secrets will stop airing for one month due to the Olympics; the producers are afraid that the audience will be forgetful, thus they've decided to stop Best Selling Secrets before the Olympics and start a new sitcom starring the same cast of Best Selling Secrets. The new sitcom will also be based on office politics and family relationships, this make the popularity of the cast can be maintained while it can also give the audience a new refreshing feeling. In response to the rumor, producer Law says, "This is only a very early stage, we're still working on the concept for the new sitcom. (Will you invite Esther Kwan for the new sitcom?) Of course I want her back, but we'll still have to respect her decision and will." Best Selling Secrets cast Alvina Kong (aka Elvina Kong), Wong Cho Lam, and Yoyo Chen are all anticipating the new sitcom and the sparks that will be created with their reunion.


繼 《 溏 心 風 暴 》 為 食 住 人 氣 , 以 原 班 人 馬 開 拍 新 故 事 的 「 續 集 」 後 , 仍 播 映 的 處 境 劇 《 同 事 三 分 親 》 , 所 有 演 員 亦 將 於 九 月 現 身 另 一 個 處 境 劇 。 據 知 , 《 同 》 劇 原 於 八 月 為 奧 運 停 播 一 個 月 , 監 製 擔 心 觀 眾 善 忘 , 加 上 《 同 》 劇 反 應 不 俗 , 故 決 定 原 班 人 馬 在 奧 運 後 開 拍 新 處 境 劇 , 故 事 題 材 同 樣 環 繞 辦 公 室 政 治 與 家 庭 , 既 可 維 持 《 同 》 劇 的 演 員 人 氣 , 又 可 帶 給 觀 眾 新 鮮 感 。

對 此 , 該 劇 監 製 羅 鎮 岳 說 : 「 呢 個 係 好 初 步 構 思 , ( 會 否 力 邀 關 詠 荷 復 出 拍 新 劇 ? ) 我 當 然 想 佢 返 , 但 要 睇 佢 意 願 。 」 而 《 同 》 劇 的 江 欣 燕 、 王 祖 藍 及 陳 自 瑤 等 均 表 示 很 期 待 換 上 新 故 事 後 的 合 作 火 花 。


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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Esther + Nick @ Party Interview

Credit: nickcafe002

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Esther + Nick @ Johnnie To's Birthday Party

Esther & Nick @ Johnnie To's birthday party.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

News Buzz: Esther and Nick Moves To Residence Bel-Air

Esther and husband Nick have lived in Sai Kung for over ten years, neighbouring director Johnnie To and friend Sean Lau. Three months ago they've decided to sell their house for sixteen million. The house was bought back in 2006 for eight million, the couple have now sold the house for double the original. They decided to sell the house because of daughter Brittany, they've since moved into Residence Bel-Air, the area with a famous school network. Their new house is 2180 feet and was bought for twenty-three million.


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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Esther @ Best Selling Secrets Behind the Scene 2

Esther & BSS cast - behind the scene. On-set filming and Christmas gift exchange...

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Image credit: BSS Candy's Yahoo Blog

Thursday, April 17, 2008

News Buzz: Esther Films OTO Commercial

Got this commercial all because of her positive personal image and her role Ka Nam in TVB sitcom Best Selling Secrets.

Credit to various respective sources
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Esther @ TVB Calendar Evolution

An article on the change in TVB's yearly calendar and Esther's spotlight...
Personally love the '94 one, it looks so refreshing and natural :)

Year 1994 - Esther & Marco Ngai-------------Year 1997 - Esther & Eddie Cheung
Month: May---------------------------.---------Month: October

Esther Kwan's Realm
Year 1998 - Esther & Bobby ---------------Year 1999 - Esther & Bobby
Month: January------------------------------Month: December

Esther's Realm
Year 2000 - Esther & Lawrence Ng------- --Year 2008 - Esther & Bobby + others
Month: May------------------------------------Month: February

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Esther @ Best Selling Secrets Behind the Scene

Esther & BSS cast - behind the scene.

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Image credit: Raymond Chiu's Yahoo Blog

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Esther @ Best Selling Secrets Episode 273 Caps

Another one of Esther's voiced episodes, still glad to hear from Ka Nam :)

Vincent: Even though Ka Nam isn't here with me now, I know her heart will always be by my side wherever she goes. I'm not alone after all, I am not lonely.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Esther @ Best Selling Secrets Episode 272 Cap

Ka Nam's postcard with Esther's narration. Esther was credited for this episode :) Even though we didn't get to see Ka Nam, listening to her voice was still great ^-^

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